Where I Stand

What “Republican” means to me:

I believe

  • in people’s individual ability to manage their lives and affairs;
  • people are by nature generous and willing to share their good fortune with those in need;
  • a constitutional republic is the form of government most compatible with individual freedom, rights, safety, and security;
  • in the separation of government authority and the balance ensured by equal degrees of power;
  • a constitutional republic protects people’s interests only when enumerated powers are retained by the officials elected to represent the people;
  • in the rule of law with a constitution as the basis for all other laws;
  • fewer dollars under government control allow individuals to spend at their discretion;
  • that freedom of association includes the right to determine the path to a child’s education;
  • private property ownership confers upon the lawful holder all rights to use real and personal property for any legal purpose;
  • each generation must be a responsible steward of sustainable environmental conservation;
  • each person entrusted with responsibility or authority is accountable for their actions and behavior;
  • in intellectual and tangible property rights;
  • in equal access to funding and a competitive business environment without burdensome regulation.


I believe that the cultural values of the people of the United States result from the freedoms protected by those documents forming the foundation for all other laws, that it is our responsibility to preserve and protect those freedoms, and that we are responsible for ensuring future generations understand the history, heritage, rights, and responsibilities of citizenship.